Daily Archives: May 9, 2009

The Hunger

It builds.  Slowly.  Like a wave miles from shore, barely perceptible.  Easy to miss.

Then, building in intensity, it results in a flurry of activity, an unstoppable force focused on one thing:

Building a new computer.

I don’t know why, considering there are about three of them in the house right now.  I suppose I could get away with just rebuilding one of them, updating the internal components into something a little faster, with a little more RAM, a lot more hard drive space, possibly one of those quad cores.

I think I look at it as a research project, mainly out of wanting to keep up with technology, but also to see how far I can stretch the dollar.  Right now I’m thinking something small that fits properly in my entertainment center that can actually be a media center.  It’ll be different than the three other rigs I’ve built, but that’s a good thing, as I seem to have fallen into a rut with the piano black Sonata Antec cases.

I think part of this is really just getting fed up with not being able to find a suitable HDTV Tuner slash DVR combination.  Market forces have not provided me with a satisfactory solution, so I guess I’ll just have to roll my own.