Daily Archives: May 19, 2009


Part of the drive is something I know, not well, but well enough to get the trip started.  The morning is brisk, my mood light, and overall the trip is something to look forward to.  I’m in one of the Civics in the Zipcar fleet, an Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle named, “Chile.”  The trip is work related, and I have to pick up a co-worker, but that’s not a big deal. I’m at the Rosslyn Metro Station.

I start to get anxious, as usual.  I’m early, and there’s a ten minute gap between now and when we are scheduled to leave, but he’s not here yet.  I’m idling at the cab stand, but there are no cabs.  I’m watching a line of people grow at one corner of the station.  It steadily builds until there is a substantial line of people.

None of them wear ties.

The 15K arrives to Tyson’s Corner Shopping Center and the line shuffles forward slowly.  Some wear their maintenance uniforms while reading the paper or finishing the remainder of their breakfast.  It is 6AM.

The two hour commute looms, long and not yet conceived in my head as a temporal committment.

It’s going to be a long workday.