Hot and wet

So, I was thinking about how hot it is, and how, when I was younger, I used to have water gun fights with my friends. Those were good times. Then, of course, I did a search online for super soakers, and found this model, the Monster XL.

The thing needs a bipod. 1.25 gallons of water would be pretty damn heavy, so I guess that’s understandable. Searches on ebay show that there are only two left “in the wild” and none of the online retailers I found had one in stock.

Apparently, there’s quite a following for the Super Soaker line of toys, with people analyzing the soaking power and shot to pump ratios for every model that’s released. There’s even a “holy grail” of the weapons, the CPS 2000, which was discontinued due to safety reasons. Here’s a brief history.

It’s hot outside, and I don’t want to move. But running around spraying people with water sounds like a good idea.