Dear Microsoft

Please, please please release Metal Wolf Chaos as an xbox originals download for the 360.


And I agree completely with offworld on this.  Easily my dark horse candidate for game of the year, whichever year that Microsoft gets around to releasing it.

How this never made it to the United States is way beyond me.  I think, on the whole, that it may have been too high concept for American audiences.  There’s just no appreciation for the fine artistry and contextual subtlety that composes a game like Metal Wolf Chaos.

Ha.  Subtlety.

I mean for gods sakes, it’s the POTUS* in a giant robot suit kicking ass and destroying everything.

What part of that does not say, “AMERICA” in all caps?  Which of course may or may not be followed by “WHATEVER-EXPLETIVE-YOU-DEEM-APPROPRIATE YEAH!!”

So anyway, yeah, Microsoft, bring it on.

* True story:  I worked in the State Department for six months before I learned what this meant.  Pronounced, “poh-tuss.”