The New Era

And now he’s President.

But do indulge me a moment.  It wasn’t that long ago.  It was a different job at a different place and I had the chance to meet the man that would become President.

I shook his hand.

I called him, “Senator” then, because that’s what he was.  I asked him to sign my nametag, and while he did, I said, “I believe in your message.”  And he stopped signing my nametag and looked me in the eye and thanked me.  He finished signing and was whisked out the door by Secret Service.

He seems a pretty stand up guy.  And I was not lying.  I did, well, rather do believe in the message.  The message of hope and change, of self empowerment as a nation.

I did not believe however, that he would become President.

For once, I’m glad that I was wrong.

One thought on “The New Era

  1. scully says:

    *checks e-bay for Fil’s nametag*

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