inFamous for the PS3 is one of those games I think would work well as a movie.  I’ve been playing it non stop for a while now, and I’m pretty close to completing it, I think.  I’m actually going through and doing all the side missions.

In a twist of character, I’ve actually selected the side of not sending kittens to college, (read: evil) and doing pretty much everything that I can to look out for number one and screw everyone else.  Hostage situation?  Shoot the hostage!  Sorted!  (Thank you writers of SPEED the motion picture.)

Which is awesome.  The people actually throw rocks and try to kill me, which is really nothing more than an annoyance, but then that drives me to kill a couple out of sheer malice.  It’s like they say, fear leads to hate and hate leads to suffering.

Mainly theirs.

The game so far does a good job (it may be accidental) of making Cole’s fall believable.  He’s got these electric powers so they treat him like a freak and hate him for that.  He was at the epicenter of the explosion that caused the destruction of Empire City so they hate him for that.  He just succumbs to the hatred and starts down this path, the only path that he feels is available to him.  Even if it all just is in his mind.

Needless to say, for once I’m looking forward to playing the boy scout my next play through.  And it may be the case where I actually play the game more than once.