On the go

Mobile blogging. Not just pico blogging or sending email to a secret address in wordpress. No, I’ve really wanted a solution for a while.

Getting a phone with a qwerty keyboard, while a start, isn’t exactly the most ideal way of writing a long piece.

The more I play with the e71, however, the more I find that I’m really enjoying the unlocked aspect of it.

Take this post, for example.

I’m using an Alphasmart NEO, which is essentially a word processor. It’s got an IR port on it. I’m going to send this text via infrared to the phone where it will be saved as a note.

From the note, I’ll select all (ctrl-A) then copy and paste (ctrl-C, and ctrl-V, respectively) into the wordpress mobile dashboard in the phone’s web browser.

If you’re reading this, then it worked.

How awesome is that?