Star Trek

The earliest memories I have of Star Trek, are of me watching The Original Series.

I remember the lazy Sunday afternoons where the Channel 6 would air Star Trek.  They were reruns, but I watched it every Sunday.  Occasionally, it would be back to back episodes of Star Trek followed by a Godzilla movie.  Those were really good days.

I remember Spock’s Brain, and the creature made out of silicon.  Mudd’s women and Charlie and his crazy powers.  I remember the Pon Farr and crazy goateed versions of the crew.  And then there was the Nazi Germany episode.


Most prevalent in my recollections is the fight music.  I recall hearing that quite a bit in Trek “Classic.”  Bum bum BUM BUM BUM BUM BUMBUM bum bum.

Star Trek was my first real introduction to the deeper themes that could be explored in science fiction.  The people who were white on one side and black on the other hating the other “race” of people that were white and black on the opposite sides.  Not too subtle, but probably fairly controversial in the late 1960s.

Kind of similar to how BattleStar Galactica managed to have an entire season based in Palestine New Caprica.


But Star Trek, the new movie has none of that.  That’s not a strike against it by any means.  What it does have is a solid plot, characters that manage to be both faithful and new at the same time, and they manage to do a little trick which works it into the canon while managing to act as a reboot.

And I bought that bit, which was astonishing to me.  I mean, they presented it in such a way that I couldn’t stop from chuckling in the theater, but I still gladly suspended my disbelief and had a great time with the movie.

This is a day one purchase for me, with a showing at movie night that week.  It’s that good.