Daily Archives: May 23, 2002

Well. He's Here and Blogging

So I guess he’s okay. We’re going to hang out tonight. Bring on the Ale and Whores.


Right this instant. The infamous gnicklaser is behind my office.

Somehow, It's Funnier Now

I was in Chuck E. Cheese last night until nine o’clock in the evening. Then I was in the Chuck E. Cheese parking lot until ten-thirty. One may ask, “What were you doing in Chuck E. Cheese in the first place?” There are several answers.

a) Attending a five year old’s birthday party.
b) Reliving my first grade birthday party.
c) Watching the parodies of “Crocodile Hunter,” Michelle Branch videos, and Veggie Tales Videos–all of which were surprisingly entertaining. Laughed out loud, I did.
d) Catching up with friends from college.
e) All of the above.

Before Divx Was Cool

To Nisa I say this:

Outside and I have an understanding. We have no problems with each other as long as there’s a screen door between us.

Also, a somewhat relevant comic from 1999.