Daily Archives: May 10, 2002


Just another conversation with ExplodingCat

Exploding Cat: ok. afternoon is probably fine.
Praxis Loki: And no cats or eggs, right?
Exploding Cat: you won’t find any cats or eggs at Chipmunk’s. No poultry of any kind, for that matter.
Praxis Loki: Cats are poultry?
Exploding Cat: did i just imply that cats are poultry?
Praxis Loki: lol.

The timestamps on this are hilarious, btw.




I’ve got my EPII: Attack of the Clones ticket. I will see you next week, in line for the eight-thirty AM showing. Thursday baby! Of course, I’ll be visiting the line the night before. There’s always something interesting to see, people to meet.

I really, really want that new iMac. Yes, the desklamp one. Yes the one with the SuperDrive. And I also want the Audigy, even though it won’t really do anything for me. And I want to build a new machine. Something in the 2.2Ghz range. Something that uses that sexy new DDR226 ram. Because, well, I need it to be that fast to update this blog.

So. . . That's That

So there. Actually, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. But DreamWeaver MX just gave me the “push” I needed. (Macromedia, you can send the check now.) I like the new interface. Very clean. I also am a very big fan of the new Adobe PhotoShop 7.0. Finally, a file browser that allows you to preview every single image in a directory. Plus the ability to read the

ThePinkLamb notes, “Shit, Paint Shop Fucking Pro’s had a file browser for years! And it’s what–a hundred bucks?!”

Of course, ThePinkLamb still wouldn’t dare defile his Intuous tablet by using Paint Shop Pro. One would think that a program this pricey would have had something this useful added to it in one of its last seven iterations. Of course, I never knew what one was like until I didn’t have one. It’s fantastic. Really has improved the way I work. By work, I mean look at pictures and reminisce about the last nine years that I’ve been in DC.

Gettin' Kinda Stale. . .

So, I’m thinking I’m going to redo the template for this site. I think I want people to go directly to the journal, as opposed to having to click on something. I should know better, having been a web developer. Splash pages are old hat. It’s about info now. Content. Give the people what they want. Although I’m not exactly sure what they would want.