Daily Archives: May 27, 2002

I'll Be googling With My Se-elf (oh oh oh)

Funny, the things you find when you start putting your various aliases and assorted domain names into google. Things that you don’t expect.

Nisa: When the hell did you do this?!

Not why, mind you. Thanks. Uh. I think.

I’m not quite sure–I’m still thinking about it.

“Why you gotta bring up old shit?!” — jungfroid

The Obvious

Wet today.
Radio sucks.
Chocolate chips are best consumed before they’re placed in other food items.
I’ve been keeping this online “project” for one year. Oh sure, it’s had other names. The Link. Fil-O-Rama. Now, Lots Of Monkeys. What am I racing towards? Who knows. I look back and I see bits of growth here and there. But still a lot of the same issues. Trust. Racism. Friendship. Biting sarcasm.

Migrating the old weblog to lotsofmonkeys.com.