Daily Archives: May 26, 2002

Only one Thing Though–

As I was returning to my table at the Thai restaurant, one of the patrons waved at me and said that dinner was delicious. I turned around and there was no waitstaff. No manager. No maitre’d. Just me.

I let it go. I mean, what can you do, really? It didn’t seem like a good choice of times to be “in your face” PC. A smart ass remark would have just ruined their evening. Plus, it wasn’t anything directed at me. Y’know, considering we all look alike. I didn’t say anything and just walked back to my table and told my friends. We laughed about it for a bit, and was quickly forgotten as everyone started talking about the rest of the night’s plans.

Racist incident, or honest mistake. Now, granted, this person probably doesn’t see too many of “my people” around where they live. And Thais, also being of the Malay persuasion (here come the mailings about Asian / Pacific Islander / Malay) their facial structure, skin tone, and overall “look” are similar to mine. So it’s understandable. I can see how this happened.

Most importantly, no harm was done to anyone, really.

Shoulder. . . Hurting. . .

As long as I don’t move the right arm, I’m okay. Skeet shooting. Our second round, we started shooting with this older gentleman. I’m the kind that takes to instruction well. I’ve never shot before. He tells me one thing–and bang. Both birds are dust. I’m amazed. He spoke in nothing more than a loud whisper, and was extremely patient with us. Very nice day, overall.

Spent the rest of the day with the guys as well. Definitely a very testosterone filled day so far. Shooting things. Eating meat. Playing videogames beating the virtual snot out of each other.

Yep. And there’s still one more day to go in the holiday.

Where's the Ducks?

I’m going skeet shooting today.

No, really. I’ll let you know what it’s like in an hour or two, provided I can type after firing a shotgun for a couple of hours.

What I Think

I think people have to touch the plate when waitstaff tell them, “Careful. The plate is hot.” We hear the instruction. We see the steam rising from the plate. We hear the sizzling of the meat on the plate. And yet, not more than two second later, “Ouch. It’s hot.”

Same thing when we tell ourselves we shouldn’t do something. Usually, we won’t listen.

I say, it’s only good to touch that plate because it’s accidentally fallen in your lap and it’s going to hurt you more if you don’t move it. Either way, I’m not going to laugh at you. Well, initially maybe I am going to laugh–but I’m going to say that you made the correct decision.