Daily Archives: May 12, 2002

Well Now. . .

Happy Mother’s Day, mom! I’m sorry that the florists messed up and sent you an “I Love You, Grandma,” balloon along with the “Happy Mother’s day” balloon. No, I’m not trying to tell you something. No, really!

Okay, So I'm a Little Tired.

So, JungFroid tells me, “Dude. My parents are going to be gone Friday and Saturday. I’m going to have a party!”
I say, “Okay.”
Then, Saturday morning, around five o’clock, I start to think, “Whoa, I have to work in six hours.

4AM: Stop Karaoke
5AM: Arrive at home
9AM: Get up for work.
11AM: Arrive at work.
2PM: Leave work. Head to Farthest end of Metro system from where I am currently to help friends move.
3PM: Arrive at Chipmunk’s house. Play with three month old daughter and three year old daughter for nine hours.
1AM: Arrive at home and hopefully fall asleep.

Chipmunk: “Oh, and these are pictures from when I was a dancer at Masquerade.”
A short silence is observed as pictures Chipmunk dressed as the “innocent one” in white stockings, garter belt, bustier and heels are perused. Chipmunk beams.
Krasota: “Look at her shoes, they’re beautiful!”

PraxisLoki: “There are shoes?!”

I smell like baby. Not that that’s a bad thing. I find it interesting that I actually enjoyed myself–not a surprise, since I’m usually good with children that aren’t mine. (Like I’ve had any.) They’re much easier to deal with when you can just give them back. I had to tell the guinea pig story tonight, at Krasota’s insistence. Ask me about it sometime. It’s actually somewhat amusing.