Okay, So I'm a Little Tired.

So, JungFroid tells me, “Dude. My parents are going to be gone Friday and Saturday. I’m going to have a party!”
I say, “Okay.”
Then, Saturday morning, around five o’clock, I start to think, “Whoa, I have to work in six hours.

4AM: Stop Karaoke
5AM: Arrive at home
9AM: Get up for work.
11AM: Arrive at work.
2PM: Leave work. Head to Farthest end of Metro system from where I am currently to help friends move.
3PM: Arrive at Chipmunk’s house. Play with three month old daughter and three year old daughter for nine hours.
1AM: Arrive at home and hopefully fall asleep.

Chipmunk: “Oh, and these are pictures from when I was a dancer at Masquerade.”
A short silence is observed as pictures Chipmunk dressed as the “innocent one” in white stockings, garter belt, bustier and heels are perused. Chipmunk beams.
Krasota: “Look at her shoes, they’re beautiful!”

PraxisLoki: “There are shoes?!”

I smell like baby. Not that that’s a bad thing. I find it interesting that I actually enjoyed myself–not a surprise, since I’m usually good with children that aren’t mine. (Like I’ve had any.) They’re much easier to deal with when you can just give them back. I had to tell the guinea pig story tonight, at Krasota’s insistence. Ask me about it sometime. It’s actually somewhat amusing.