So. . . That's That

So there. Actually, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. But DreamWeaver MX just gave me the “push” I needed. (Macromedia, you can send the check now.) I like the new interface. Very clean. I also am a very big fan of the new Adobe PhotoShop 7.0. Finally, a file browser that allows you to preview every single image in a directory. Plus the ability to read the

ThePinkLamb notes, “Shit, Paint Shop Fucking Pro’s had a file browser for years! And it’s what–a hundred bucks?!”

Of course, ThePinkLamb still wouldn’t dare defile his Intuous tablet by using Paint Shop Pro. One would think that a program this pricey would have had something this useful added to it in one of its last seven iterations. Of course, I never knew what one was like until I didn’t have one. It’s fantastic. Really has improved the way I work. By work, I mean look at pictures and reminisce about the last nine years that I’ve been in DC.