Mmmm. . . Ramen

I decided earlier today that I was going to cook dinner tonight. I resolved (also earlier) to use that most college of foods, ramen in decidedely unramenlike ways. Some say that’s an affront to nature. I say it’s evolution. Never did like that foil packet, anyway–always seemed like it was up to something, like it was going to poison me.

Now, one package of ramen (sans packet–natch), a can of tuna, some bell peppers, an onion, and part of a bottle of tsukeyaki sauce later–I’m having dinner and I’m quite pleased with the results. It’s definitely going in the rotation.

Total cost of tonight’s dinner: Roughly three United States Dollars.
Time spent: A half hour chatting with people online while I’m cooking. (Wireless, baby.)
Yumminess factor: It’s hot, it’s not vile, and it’s got a kind of sweet, lemony, gingery goodness. Next time, I’ll add pepper.