Okay, Happy Now?

Read this blog. FEEL the angst. DON’T get the injokes. TRY to care. (Just kidding Nick.) Basically, stop by and see how a guy from the Midwest feels about leaving the East Coast for the Midwest and then finds out that he only really needed to move out of his apartment. Sarcastic, with a touch of angst. Small undertones of Dr. Evil.

The Background:
Dave and Buster’s has a policy where people under twenty-one can be escorted in by a person over twenty-five. I’m usually that guy. I’m escorting two friends of mine. One’s on crutches. The other’s wearing a yarmulke.

“Hi, welcome to Dave and Buster’s. Can I see your ID please?”
“Sure. Oh, and I’ll be acompanying these two here.”
“Sure thing. Which two?”
“The Jew and the Cripple.”