What I Fear Most About Ep II . . .

Critical fans will tell you: Episode I was not a good movie. There were problems with pacing, dialogue, and Lucas’s choice for Anakin Skywalker. The more effects inspired fans will point out flaws in the digital effects. The Politically Correct fans will point out the “Evil Trade Federation’s” pseudo Asian stereotypical accent.

Every fan hates Jar-Jar.

What I fear about Ep II is that it may continue what many believe is a dilution of the series.

Look at the Highlander movie series. I know people today who willfully ignore the existence of any other Highlander movies beyond the first.

“There was a sequel to Highlander? Don’t make me laugh.”

Highlander is one thing. Star Wars is another. People in the UK put “Jedi Knight” down as a religion on their last census. So many people did this, that they had to include it in the census data. Obviously, people take their Star Wars seriously. I’m a fan. I’m not what you would call rabid, or crazy, or even devoted–but I grew up with Episodes IV, V, and VI. I loved them with all of their inconsistencies, their unanswered questions, and their disappearing british accents. I love the characters and the way they develop. I love the story. In short, I love the fantasy of Star Wars. They are fun, well crafted movies.

I feel that with Episode I, Lucas has lost the original vision of Star Wars as a space opera. I understand that he can take his movie any direction he wants. This, after all, is his vision. He can do whatever he wants, he can even include midiclorians. However, Episode I is not as fun as the other movies. I know I’m not the only one that skips ahead to the pod race and the lightsaber duels on the dvd. They got so damn serious. Lucas needs to remember that people can have fun at a movie and it doesn’t have to be campy–he’s done it before.

Here’s to Episode II: Attack of the Clones. I’ll see you there in two days.